Between the square of Manos Hadjidakis and Kallimarmaro, in a neoclassical building on Ironda Street, two young and talented chefs meet. Elvi-Dimitris Zymba and Nikos Vorias try to bring out contemporary Greek cuisine, free from the ideology surrounding the gastronomic scene of Greece. Gathering culinary experiences from the best cuisines of  Greek and international cuisines, after three years of working together, they set a new and unique goal to implement the idea of ​​Alficon in Athens.



Alficon, a name inspired by the barley (alfi) and icons that adorn the restaurant's premises, focuses on the combination of food and drink. In collaboration with small local producers throughout Greece, it aims to promote pure Greek flavors and present biodynamic and natural wines. Lakomatia (Sklavos), M Fine Mavtoudi of Thrace(Anatolikos) and Negoska Rose (Tatsis) are some of the wines worth to pair your meal with.